About Tall Pine Tree

This web site originally began by hosting a few pages I created to test out the technology. Over time, the number of pages grew and I suddenly realized that the site was disjointed and cluttered and that a major revision was in order. What you see here reflects many hours of work in re-writing content, adding and deleting pages, adjusting the folder hierarchy, learning how to properly use Cascading Style Sheets, Library Items, Templates, and more. The site now has a consistent look and feel.

There is a wide variety of content on TallPineTree, ranging from Technological Education to a variety of personal projects to Scuba Programs that I run to Astronomy (one of my many hobbies) to my exploration of religious matters to information abut my contracting services to my web hosting business to the publications and web sites I've created to finally, a photo gallery with some interesting photos. I hope that you are able to find information that is of interest to you here.