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I'm often engaged in one project or another here at TallPineTree. I have a large workshop where I can do casework and millwork and woodworking of any flavour. My shop also has a "metal" area where I can do metal work. I have three forges with hand-cranked blowers, a 1440 Metal Lathe, a Milling machine with a 9"x42" table, a stick welder, a MIG welder (with an argon/carbon dioxide gas mixture), oxygen/acetylene torches, and assorted tap and die sets and other small metal tools. I also have a very large compressor and air tools for woodworking as well as for metalworking.

 Project Description
 Lada Niva
 The repairs and modifications I've done to my 1996 Lada Niva 4x4.
 Sand Blaster
 A basic syphon feed sand blaster, using a plastic bucket.
 Hollow Chisel Mortiser
 The restoration of my Wadkin hollow chisel mortiser/chain mortiser.
 Bandsaw  The restoration of my Wilson 36" Bandsaw.
 Darling-White Lake Centre
 Some of the work I've done for the proposed Darling White Lake Centre.
 Pier Modification
 Modifications to a telescope pier, making the base stronger.
 Underwater Light
 An Underwater lighting system for scuba diving.
 Milling Machine
 Building a stand and unloading and setting up the milling machine.
 Lathe  Setting up my 1440 lathe.