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Wadkin Hollow-Chisel Mortiser

I purchased an older Wadkin hollow chisel/chain mortiser in 2001. It was a bit rusty, but quite solid. I've restored it to a working state and I've cleaned it up so that it also looks pretty decent.

The numbers and such that I could find on various plates on the mortiser are as follows:

Wadkin Ltd.
Leicester England
Machine Serial No. MF 1190
Machine Test No. 47118
Wadkin Ltd.
Leicester England
CSA Approval No. 10010
Induction Motor
Type WKT 26/15
Hp 2
Ph 3 cyc 60 RPM 3450
V 550 A 2.2

I have several digital pictures of the machine:

Front View

Set Screws

Hand Wheel


Chain Mortiser

Bushing 1

Bushing 2

I have a bushing with a 5/8" center bore that will accept most standard chisels. The auger bits go into another bushing and are held in place with two set screws. Since each bit has a different diameter shank, I had to make a bushing that would accept the bit's shank. Click the links about Bushings to see them.