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I have written several specialty diving manuals along with a few other publications. I have designed a number of web sites of which I can showcase four here. Finally, I have been the editor for several newsletters. The following table outlines my major works.

Various Writings - Publications
Ice Diving (ISBN 0-9681894-1-5)
Wreck Diving (ISBN 0-9681894-0-7)
RESCUE: A Complete Manual of Advanced Dive Search and Rescue Operations
(ISBN 0-9681894-2-3)
Mandate and Operating Guidelines for The Instructor Advisory Comity
Instructor Code of Ethics
Queen’s University Design Exhibition 1998
Emergency Diving First Aid
Basic Diving Manual , 300 pages (to date)
Cold Environment Workshop
Ottawa Underwater Hockey Brochure
Constitution and Bylaws of the Darling White Lake Community Centre Inc.
Springboard and Tower Diving Manual
ACUC International’s Standards and Requirements
ACUC 5 Phase Snorkel Program
ACUC International Leadership Preparation Package
  • Part 1: Audio Visual Aids
  • Part 2: Communicating Effectively
  • Part 3: Teaching Strategies
Residential and Commercial Building Specifications (sample)
Various Writings - Web Sites
Web Sites
Tallpinetree.com - my own web site
Darling White Lake Community Centre - the community centre web site
Bromec Process Systems - web site for a sawmill manufacturer
Lanark Highlands Fire Services - Station Number 8 Volunteer Firefighter's Web site
Queens University Technological Education - Highlights of the Teacher Program
Ottawa Beavers Scuba Club - the original web site (the current OBSC site is all new)
Various Writings - Newsletters
Algonquin College Architecture Newsletter
Minsky's News
Bottom Timers Scuba Club Newsletter
Ottawa Beavers Scuba Club Newsletter